Let’s make this really simple. If you are a limited company that can offer property as security and are looking for very fast, very flexible, short-term finance then we are probably the source you need.


We arrange secured loans for any lawful purpose and will give you a quick decision in principle without tedious form-filling:


  • Contact us using the link on this website.

  • We will reply swiftly and if we think we can help we will schedule a conference call for you to explain your requirements and the security you can offer.

  • Following the call, if appropriate, we will issue an indicative terms email setting out the offer we expect to be able to make.





You will speak directly with the actual people responsible for assessing, implementing and monitoring all propositions. Our legal department is in-house and funds are under our direct control.

This enables us to:

  • Make the lending decisions and distribute the funds directly, in accordance with your instructions.

  • Work to very demanding time-frames.

  • Provide you with proof of funds.

In competitive situations having proof of funds during negotiations can be essential and being able to show ability to perform can often result in swift agreements and very significant savings.

The underlying principle behind our lending decisions is, “Security, Security, Security.” This approach allows us to lend in start-up situations and irrespective of credit history.

The property offered as security can be owned by the borrowing entity or pledged by another – for example an associate company or a director. It may be a property being purchased with the loan requested, or one that is already owned. If necessary, multiple properties can be accepted as security.


Every proposition is different and therefore each will be assessed on its own merit, but as a guide we will consider loans of up to:


  • 80% of property value if first charge security is available.

  • 65% (less any existing borrowing secured against the property)   if lending against second charge security.

Our extensive experience in property means that we can often assist in engineering a solution that wouldn’t be readily forthcoming from other providers. If your proposition doesn’t tick the normal boxes, we will endeavour to create new boxes for you to tick and very quickly have indicative terms for you.


We do not consider unsecured loans.


Speed and flexibility come at a cost and in most cases our interest rates are not suitable for long-term propositions. Whilst we do not have a formal maximum term, most loans will be expected to have repayment scheduled within one year.


Interest rates begin at 2% per month, if the deal is very secure and straightforward. Often there are complexities and these may attract higher rates. Very short-term loans also tend to require higher rates.


Interest payments are always required monthly, with no roll-up of interest available. Subject to security, loans may be increased to allow for an interest provision to be made.


Arrangement fees are payable, which are designed mainly to cover the costs of set up and so are not a set percentage but will be quoted on a case by case basis. In most cases arrangement fees can be added to the loan if required.


We can help your company with bridging finance to:

Acquire and develop property prior to sale or re-financing

Meet your auction purchase deadline

Create a new HMO

Construct infrastructure

Rapidly raise liquidity for any lawful purpose



Rexhaven manage the freehold interests in over 500 freehold properties on behalf of the owners. We have an enviable reputation for providing reliable service at reasonable costs and well over 100 years of experience amongst our team.